SERIES - MTV (8 Episodes)

*Webby Nominated 

*WGA Nominated

Morgan Evans (Writer/ Director)

RED Epic- Ultra Primes


The Untitled Web Series That Morgan Evans Is Doing For MTV is the story of Morgan Evans and the web series he is doing for MTV. No seriously, it is. It's also about moving to Los Angeles, what it means to be an asshole, the definition of "making it", and bad sex.

Featuring an all star cast of New York and Los Angeles comedians as well as Morgan's real life ex-girlfriend, best friend, and brother, TUWSTMEIDFM is a weird, sad, funny journey that takes place at the bottom rung of the "biz". In a way it’s the second season of the WGA-nominated “The Untitled Webseries That Morgan Evans Is Doing” and, in a way, it isn’t.

“A poignant and clever commentary on being young, in New York, and in the comedic arts, New York filmmaker Evans has given us a fearless and idiosyncratic look into the familiar yet intangible machinations of life, the dimly lit little spaces between hope, excitement, disappointment, and uncertainty.” - Splitsider

"…a gem of a series, a fresh cocktail of realist/absurdist humor in bite-size nuggets. Each episode of Untitled Webseries is different” - IndieWire

“The only thing more difficult than being consistently funny is being consistently poignant and funny.” -Splitsider’s best of 2012

“very funny and very eponymous web series.” - Michael Price, The Simpsons

“must watch” - Serial Optimist

"This is very quite silly" - IFC

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